Classes ₹(p.m.) ₹(quarterly)
I To III ₹700/- (All Subject) ₹1800/- (All Subject)
IV & V ₹800/- (All Subject) ₹2000/- (All Subject)
VI To VIII ₹1200/- (All Subject) ₹3300/- (All Subject)
IX ₹900 /- (Each Subject) ₹2500/- (Each Subject)
X ₹1000/- (Each Subject) ₹2700/- (Each Subject)
XI ₹1200/- (Each Subject) ₹3300/- (Each Subject)
XII ₹1300/- (Each Subject) ₹3600/- (Each Subject)
B.SC(P) & (H) ₹1500/- (Each Subject) ₹3500/- (Each Subject + Full Course)
B.COM(P) & (H) ₹1500/- (Each Subject) ₹3500/- (Each Subject + Full Course)



  1. No fees for the demo classes.
  2. Registration Charges will not be refunded.
  3. Fees should be deposited in advance within 5 days of joining the batch.
  4. Fees should be deposited by 5th of every month.
  5. In case, if the student joins the academy in the mid of month, he/she shall be paid proportionally of his/her fees for the respective month. (For e.g. if the student joins academy  11th of April and the fees of the month is 1500p.m. then, in this case, he/she has to be paid only 1000 rupees for  the said month).
  6. Fees Calculation Formula= No of days remaining in the month /30 X fees of the month.
  7. Fees should be charged for the full month whether he/she comes regular or not.